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   Sharing the Hope and Freedom Found in Jesus Christ

 To heal the brokenhearted.

   To proclaim liberty to the captives.


the opening of the prison to those who are bound;

  Isaiah 61:1

This ministry will assist women who are in and out of county detention centers by providing hope through life skills education, Biblical guidance, and mentorship that promotes their safe, successful path for re-entry into the larger society.

Our Story

Hadassah Hope Ministries began many years ago in the mind and heart of a desperate woman, Patricia England.  Finding herself once again incarcerated in the Lexington County jail, she was out of options, but mostly out of hope, wanting to end her life.  However, the Lord met her right where she was, speaking His truth to her of her great value and His plans for setting her free from the bondage she had known for so very long.  Her mindset now had a new focus- the Truth.  Thus, the dream and plan of leading others to true freedom in Christ were planted deeply, waiting for the fertile soil of experience and opportunity to grow into a reality.  

Patricia participated in the inaugural class of Columbia International University’s Diploma in Women’s Leadership in the fall of 2019.  As a result, she has gained the confidence and ability to study God’s Word more deeply, which has had a dramatic impact on her plans for the nonprofit she started to minister to women like her.  Believing that true freedom from any type of bondage can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus, Patricia has been developing a workbook to use within a jail setting as she seeks to minister to the women.  This workbook is a compilation of her journey to freedom through a changed mindset, inside and outside the jail, and practical aids for women re-entering society.  Based on the authority of God’s word, she hopes the material in this workbook will help not only inspire women with their value and worth in God’s eyes but that it will help equip them with learning how to study and apply the scripture for themselves to help them focus their minds on the Truth.  Her dream is to help others who share some of her past experiences discover the freedom she has experienced. 

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